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                                                                      时间:2019-03-10              发布:














    Self-discipline Proclamation of Hainan Medicine Trade

    Our act concerns human life and health; our act affects the development of Hainan medical industry; our act even more decides the survival and value of medical industry itself. Facing the customers and patients who are suffering from fake medicines, we are burning with anxiety; facing the name brand built with our painstaking efforts that is wantonly encroached; we are burning with anger; facing unscrupulous competition and nonstandard behaviors in medicine market that have caused the drain of state revenue and the loss of corporate interest, we are burning with hatred; facing the rare opportunity brought by provincial party committee and government who advocate governing the province with virtue, being honest and trustworthy, we bravely stand out to safeguard trade credit and ensure people the safety and effectiveness of medicine.

    We are honest and trustworthy enterprises, legally engaged in medicine production and trade. It is the times to endow us with the confidence and opportunity to be sincere, united, open and enterprising. We ally together so as to purify medicine market through standardizing our own behaviors and build the integral image of Hainan medical industry; we ally together so as to through open and fair competition establish a healthy order for medicine production and circulation that meets the requirements of our Bureau and conforms with market economic law; we ally together even more so as to face all kinds of challenges and jointly build a good future for the development of Hainan medical industry and for the take-off of Hainan economy. The image of Hainan medical industry needs our meticulous care and joint supports; the development of Hainan medical industry needs still more cooperation and wholehearted collaboration of all our colleagues. 


    In view of that, we hereby solemnly declare:

  • Under the supervision and help of Hainan Provincial Drug Administration and other government departments, under the unity and guide of Hainan Provincial Business Pharmaceutical Society, we all observe state laws and regulations, voluntarily become a propagandist and a superintendent of laws and regulations monitoring and managing medicine, be strict with ourselves, conduct medicine production and trade according to law, safeguard the legal rights and interests of state, enterprises and consumers.
  • Adhere to the highest aim of serving human health, take material innovation and technical advancement as the motive, upgrade corporate quality and managerial level, ensure medicine quality both in the processes of production and trade, together provide our customers and patients with quality products and services.
  • Strictly control quality, make sure all pharmaceutical enterprises strictly control product quality, no unqualified product goes out of factory; make sure medicine trading enterprises check goods carefully before accepting into stock, firmly refuse accepting or selling unqualified products, stop fake and inferior medicine from entering medicine market right from its source.
  • Make best use of the advantages of state of arts technology and collaboration inside the trade, integrate forces from all sides; closely watch over each move of illegal fake and inferior medicine makers and sellers, actively and voluntarily feed back the information and report them to relevant authority; make all out to coordinate with government at all levels in Striking Fake Products movement, giving no chance to the lawless persons.
  • Advocate honest and trustworthy operation concept. Firmly object unscrupulous competition, business fraudulence, trade monopoly and regional blockade; firmly discard all kinds of unhealthy tendency of medicine purchase and sale, encourage sustained development under fair and orderly competition.
  • Strengthen the contact and cooperation between government and enterprises as well as between enterprises, coordinate closely in product R&D, production, advertisement, marketing and inspection; learn from other’s strong points to offset one’s weakness, realize mutual supplement and share in resource advantage, make coalition of heavyweights, initiate a new situation of medicine production and trade.
  • For anyone who tarnished the integral image of Hainan medicine and brought harm on the development of Hainan medical industry, we shall unanimously criticize, condemn him and cut off trade relation with him until driving him out of our trade. 

    To care for life, safeguard health, repay society and benefit mankind are our ultimate aim of every medicine production and trade enterprise. We ally together and solemnly promise that we will as always make contribution to public welfare and serve wholeheartedly the masses, build a bridge of mutual trust, mutual supervision, mutual support, mutual care and mutual help between government and enterprises, enterprise and enterprise, enterprise and the people.

    We call on all the medicine producers and dealers join the ranks with great and sincere responsibility, let the market participants cherish their credit like cherishing their own lives; let consumers trust our products like trusting their dear ones; let those promise-keepers beget benefit as they kept their promises; let those promise-breakers lose heavily as they broke their promises.

    We firmly believe that our aim will certainly be realized and we can certainly achieve our aim, too. 

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